Savebuds is the easier way to save your data because your privacy matters.

Savebuds is a cable charge who also save automatically and at each use you data, from your iPhone to the SD card inside the cable.

Cause you often change your iPhone, your personal and professional data, SMS, contacts, pictures, videos, movies, or others contains of multimedia types and documents are always moving.

Make sure that they are somewhere save and safe, in your Savebuds cable.

Once the application Savebuds uploaded on your smartphone, no internet connexion required to back up your information , plug in the iPhone throughout the cable.

After the configuration of your Savebuds password, Data who are register into the SD card are totally safe and nobody except you got the access, from the cable charge to the SD card.

To recover the data from your smartphone, go on the Savebuds app and type your password. To catch up your information with your computer, upload the Savebuds software available on the website: www.savebuds.com launch the software and enter you password.

Savebuds work with all supply types, may be an adapter, a car charger, USB cables of your computer or a "powerbank".

Savebuds use need a SD card category A with a maximum capacity of 512 GB.

Working exclusively with iPhone and iPad.

The Savebuds cable include a 2 years international guarantee, in the respect of a normal utilisation of the product.

Applications and the Savebuds Website do not retain any of the information provided. So neither the names, images or documents are stored on our servers.

However, if you send us comments by email, we reserve the right to collect them in a nominative file in order to follow up. This information will not be shared with third parties and, at any time, you may request that they be removed from our files by contacting us at: info@savebuds.com